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The Graduation of Jake MoonHOW CAN YOU LOVE SOMEONE AND RESENT HIM AT THE SAME TIME Jake Moon Used To Love The Time He Spent With His Grandfather, Skelly, But That Was Before Skelly Got Alzheimer S Disease All Of A Sudden, It S As If Skelly Is The Kid, And Jake Has To Be The Grown Up Much Of Skelly S Care Becomes Jake S Responsibility, And That Doesn T Leave Much Time For A Life Of His Own Then, One Day Jake Rebels, And The Unthinkable Happens Has Jake Discovered Too Late How Much His Grandfather Still Means To Him

Barbara Park received over 40 awards for her books, including 25 Children s Choice awards Park was the daughter of a merchant and a secretary, Doris and Brooke Tidswell She grew up in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey From 1965 to 1967, she attended Rider College, later finishing her B.S in 1969 at the University of Alabama She married Richard A Park in 1969 She lived in Phoenix, Arizona for

✭ The Graduation of Jake Moon Books ✯ Author Barbara Park – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • The Graduation of Jake Moon
  • Barbara Park
  • English
  • 07 January 2017
  • 9780689839856

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    I keep finding these gems in my book case from my sons yesteryear education The Graduation of Jake Moon is about a young boy who learns first hand about Alzheimer s disease So apropos for me because A...

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    Title Author Publication Date Park, Barbara 2000 The graduation of Jake Moon Recorded by Fred Savage CD New York, New York Listening Library Random House, Inc Genre FictionFormat Book on CDPlot summary Jake Moon has always had a close relationship with his grandfather, especially because he grew up without a father, in a single parent home Since he was born Jake has looked upon his grandfather as his father and turned to him for love and advice In 3rd grade, Jake s bond with his grandfather is tested as Alzheimer s creeps in Jake, embarrassed by his grandfather s actions, begins to reduce his time with friends, his after school activities, and how he operates day to day to deal with his grandfather s behavior Jake struggles to keep his frustrations at bay, as he is confronted with the possibility of his friends will see his grandfather put his pajamas in the freezer This changes when Skelly, Jakes grandfather, goes missing, and Jake begins to realize what s truly important in life Fred Savage, known for his television work on The Wonder Years and his part in The Princess Bride, narrates The Graduation of Jake Moon Considerations or precautions for readers advisory Alzheimer s diseaseReview citation Fraser, Betsy 2000 The graduation of Jake Moon Book Review School Library Journal Cooper, Ilene 2000 The graduation of Jake Moon Book Review Book List Section source used to find the material EB...

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    This book seriously was the most amazing book I have read in a long time Although I felt dumb at Einstein Bagels today reading a 115 page, kid print book, I didn t even care because I was so consumed in the plot line I love how the author Barbara Park shows a child s view of peer acceptance, single parenting, dysfunctional family dynamics, and maturing The whole book Jake Moon would try to make light of his grandpa s Alzheimer s and he always said how embarrassing and hard it was to be a kid But at the conclusion, he came to terms that he loved his grandpa in sickness or in health Having my grandpa die of Alzheimer s my freshman year of high school, I didn t really understand what was going on I was about Jake s age Contrasting our maturity, I really see the other side of things This book made me feel genuine empathy towards mine and Jake s grandpa s ill...

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    The Graduation of Jake Moon was a good book It was a quick read, compared to other books I have read The book gave some insight about Alzheimer s disease due to Jake s grandpa s Skelly condition Overall, I would not read this book again due to the lack of act...

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    My daughter is reading this as a fifth grade assignment and I read it, too It was a book about a boy whose live in Grandfather has Alzheimer s It was a bit after school specialish, but I enjoyed it My live in Grandfather had Alzh...

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    This book to me was sad because Jake loved his grandpa Skelly and looked up to him for advice and when he found out that his grandpa was sick with Alzheimer s he didn t think at first it was a big deal but really it affected not only him but his whole family In the beginning Jake let his friends make fun of his grandpa for the things that he did Like when he had Aaron over and his grandpa didn t have on pants then Aaron went to school and Jake was teased by all of his classmates Jake as time goes on realizes that his grandpa s illness has taken a toll on his personal life to be not being able to be a kid and taking care of of Skelly I think he hated the illness for turning his grandpa into someone that couldn t take care of himself like wiping food off his own face or putting things where they shouldn t be I think Jake realized when his grandpa wandered off and was lost and didn t come home for 48 hours that Jake came to realize having Skel...

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    Do u have any family members that had a disability Because, in the story of The Graduation of Jake Moon Jake faces many problems with his grandfather who has Alzheimer s Jake faces the stages of Alzheimer s disease we ll still trying to have a normal life but it affects having friends over going out in public and even calling people The wo...

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    Can you imagine an adult you look up to having a horrible disease like Alzheimer s The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park explores what it would be like having a grandfather with Alzheimer s As the grandson of a victim of this disease the main character faces embarrassing incidents which cause emotional trauma Jake s grandfather becomes the c...

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    I thought this book was amazing I instantly connected with Jake and his feelings towards his grandfather My own grandmother dealt with either dementia or Alzheimer s when I was growing up She meant the world to me, but at times I would be embarrassed by her forgetfulness I loved the ending of the book where Jake seems to accept and love his grandfather, doesn t mean that he won t be embarrassed by him It would be great for students to understand that other people might be goin...

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    Jake and his single mom have always lived with Jake s grandfather, Skelly Skelly even named Jake Skelly was the father Jake never had But now Skelly has been diagnosed with Alzheimer s and he has started acting weird Jake can t even afford to have friends ove...

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