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ResetReset Introduces An Astonishing Parade Of Characters Sultans, Shahs, Oil Tycoons, Mullahs, Women Of The World, Liberators, Oppressors, And Dreamers Of Every Sort Woven Together Into A Dazzling Panorama, They Help Us See The Middle East In A New Way And Lead To Startling Proposals For How The World S Most Volatile Region Might Be Reshaped.In This Paradigm Shifting Book, Stephen Kinzer Argues That The United States Needs To Break Out Of Its Cold War Mindset And Find New Partners In The Middle East Only Two Muslim Countries In The Middle East Have Long Experience With Democracy Iran And Turkey They Are Logical Partners For The United States Besides Proposing This New Power Triangle, Kinzer Tells The Turbulent Story Of America S Relations With Its Traditional Partners In The Middle East, Israel And Saudi Arabia, And Argues They Must Be Reshaped To Fit The New Realities Of The Twenty First Century.Kinzer S Provocative New View Of The Middle East And Of America S Role There Will Richly Entertain While Moving A Vital Policy Debate Beyond The Stale Alternatives Of The Last Fifty Years.

Stephen Kinzer is an award winning foreign correspondent who has covered than 50 countries on five continents His articles and books have led the Washington Post to place him among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling.

[Reading] ➿ Reset ➶ Stephen Kinzer – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Reset
  • Stephen Kinzer
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9780312573416

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    Reset Iran, Turkey, and America s future, Stephen KinzerIn this paradigm shifting book, Stephen Kinzer argues that the United States needs to break out of its Cold War mindset and find new partners in the Middle East Only two Muslim countries in the Middle East have long experience with democracy Iran and Turkey They are logical partners for the United States Besides proposing this new power triangle, Kinzer tells the turbulent story of America s relations wi...

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    Great book about American politics in the Middle East Focusing especially on Turkey and Iran, Kinzer tells the history of Middle East in the 20th century.Stephen Kinzer is a very experienced journalist who has covered the region for New York Times Starting in the 19th century and coming to 2010 he tells the story of Middle East and US Israel and Saudi Arabia has been the main US allies in the the region since the WW2 Kinzer tells us how the world has changed and how US s policies and allies must change, too Giving examples of American foreign policy failures in the region, Kinzer suggests Iran and Turkey should be US s main allies, because this two countries are the only ones with the democratic past and traditions It is a very easy book to read and great opportunity to ...

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    Some have complained that though this is supposed to be about Turkey and Iran, it deviates though not uninterestingly into Israel and Saudi Arabia My copy is a UK version which makes it clear that the objective is not just a discussion of Turkey and Iran, but a re assessment of those two countries and why they are the best Middle Eastern allies for the US, and why the traditional best friends of America, Israel and Saudi, are not.Anyway it s mostly a straightforward and easily digested narrative of the development of these four modern countries I was principally interested in Turkey partly because I work for a G len school, though no one there has actually mentioned that and it does give a thorough and, as far as I can say, balanced account of Atat rk s achievements and shortcomings, continuing through the violent 60s 70s 80s, to the new moderate Islamicist discuss regime under Erdo an and Davuto lu up to the point of publication in 2011 when they were PM and FM respectively While acknowledging the ongoing internal Turkish issues, regardin...

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    Reset offered a new way for me to look at the Middle East The book makes an argument that partnering with Turkey and Iran makes the most sense for helping to achieve a peaceful solution to the challenges in that area Stephen Kinzer suggests that we also revisit and reshape our relationships with Saudi Arabia and Israel The premise of all of this is based on the history of Turkey and Iran and the connections and progressive nature of their peoples to the notions of popular uprisings, gender equality and the lust for a democratic form of government The biggest part of the book is an historical rendition While I thoroughly enjoyed that I do not know how correct or unbiased it might have been It does not really matter Peace in that part of the world is obviously of paramount importance Actually, peace in every part of the world is of paramount importance...

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    Published only 7 years ago as of mid 2017 , it is already outdated because of missing historical events, such as the rise of the Erdogan dictatorship, Rouhani and the nuclear deal, the Arab spring and its relative failure which at least undermines the author s claim as to the nonexistence of a desire for democracy among Arabs , its insufficient cursory mention of the Green movement and finally, having missed the refu...

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    Nice unvarnished 20th century history of Turkey and Iran Then there s chapters on post World War II history of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States He paints a picture of the United States foreign policy and how interdependent the United states was is...

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    3 stars International Studies Writing 3.5, Use 3, Truth 3.Seemed at first to be an above average thesis After stating his thesis briefly at the beginning, Kinzer proceeds to give a short political history of Turkey and Iran as it pertains to their striving toward Democracy The writing is rather impressive Usually a work of this attitude is filled with noticeable anti establishment buzzwords and phrases However, Kinzer either does not hold these beliefs or is careful not to use these words that betray an uncritical liberalism or anti establishment, anti status quo foreign policy.By the time he recounts the Mossadegh overthrow in 1953, one is beginning to wonder how America could have been so stupid Rather, that doesn t happen until he recounts the post 9 11 thawing actions of Iran, which were suddenly squelched with George W Bush s Axis of Evil comment At the time I was a conservative and had not yet come to grips with W s fiscal liberalism, but his remark seemed to be reasonable due to the Islamic regime in Iran, its agitating, and its backing of terrorism abro...

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    Fun and informative, but strangely unsatisfying Not sure what it was exactly Kinzer has a thesis to push, and it is one that I strongly agree with Iran is a much natural partner for the United States than our current allies in Saudi Arabia This book provides brief histories of Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran, and their relationships with the United States I learned a bit, and Kinzer s time as a foreign correspondent has left him with a deep knowledge of all these countries It s a good short book for anyone who wants a brief account of how we got into the mess we are in I think the problem here is with me My taste tends towards deeper dives into the histories of single countries I like books I can also use to hold doors open, and this ain t that Kinzer has a great sense for telling anecdotes, and tells a great story It could almost make a good movie A great intro, but not really for me One further note The bits on Turkey are woefully out of date What he says remains true, Turkey is a great partner for the US, but his rosy picture of President Erdogan needs some serious revision This is not Kinzer s fault In 2009, when the book was written, it was easy to be a big Erdogan fan His struggle against the Turkish military was a worthwhile one Now that Erdogan has won that struggle, however, a different and...

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    Bottom line, we the US needs to reshape our foreign policy in the Mideast Out of the two countries in the Mideast that are populated with people yearning for a democracy, one we declared a part of the Axis of Evil Iran and the other Turkey we have pretty much forgotten about since winning the Cold War The author takes you through the histories of both countries, on their rode to democra...

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    Interesting book It was the occasion for me to know about the history of Iran, saudi arabia and israel.I was aware of turkey s history, cause i am turkish.The book was really interesting in the first parts, but i wasn t really convinced by the last part...

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