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Fairy Tail EndingThe Sixth Fabelous Book In Suzanne Selfors Ever After High A School Story Series Meeshell Is Not An Ordinary Mermaid Princess She Knows That Someday, When She Is Older, She Will Leave Her Sea Kingdom And Live Happily Ever After On Land With Her Prince The Thought Of Living On Land Is Thrilling But Also Nerve Racking Meeshell Is Glad She Has Years To Prepare But There Is A Change In The Tides, And Now Meeshell Will Start Attending Ever After High She Has Almost No Time To Do All Of Her Preparing And Planning Can Meeshell Fit In At Ever After High, Or Will She Stand Out Like A Fish Out Of Water 2016 Mattel All Rights Reserved.

Suzanne Selfors lives on an island near Seattle where it rains all the time, which is why she tends to write about cloudy, moss covered, green places.She s married, has two kids, and writes full time.Her favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, and most especially, Roald Dahl.Please visit her at

[KINDLE] ❤ Fairy Tail Ending ➜ Suzanne Selfors – 9tvuk.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Fairy Tail Ending
  • Suzanne Selfors
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780316384087

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    Just as Meeshell s tail dried and her legs reappeared, a nearby mirror lit up Blondie Lockes s face appeared Listen up, my fellow fairytales, have I got a very hexciting scoop for you It turns out that our newest student, Meeshell, is actually a mermaid If only Blondie announced that in the third chapter, when Meeshell came to EAH, instead of towards the end of the book in chapter 19 Meeshell would have felt much happier not lying from the start.Then again, there wouldn t be any plot if that had happened This whole book was literally about Meeshell hiding her identity as a mermaid, so that she could fit in as a human being.The idea of a mermaid attending Ever After High sounded fantastic and intriguing, but this book was a disappointment I was hoping to learn about the underwater world in the EAH universe, but aside from the first few chapters, it s barely mentioned Instead This book was the novel version of the episode Meeshell comes out of her shell on youtube So the author couldn t be bothered writing a different book Why did the whole book basically feel like a subplot This didn t feel the real story for some reason I was bored many times, and even contemplated not finishing it but since it was so short, I got through it.The decline of decent storylines in he EAH series truly saddens me I haven t enjoyed an Ever After High book properly since A Semi Charming Kind of Life and that was purely because Darling Charming was the centre of that stor...

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    I truly loved this book Indeed very close to webisode.And what I read between lines It is transgender related book It has such meaning and I swear I know what I read My transgender sense was triggered SO MUCH.

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    This installment of the Ever After High series seemed like it was phoned in from a MirrorPhone without much inspiration I liked the introduction of the new character MeeShell the Mermaid, but some of the supporting characters fell flat The magic may have been bubbling in the cauldron because it was definitely missing from this book Someone call Blondie Lockes because Fairy Tale Ending was the equivalent of some rotten porridge left in Baba Yaga s cottage Fairy Tale Ending focuses on the new transfer student MeeShell who comes from under the sea to begin her matriculation at Ever After High She seemed like a static character whose story was plotted with a diagram tree without any personality Her interactions with others seemed blase and she lied about being a mermaid until the last two chapters It is a school filled with fairy tale characters, you re not the only weirdo there Get that seaweed out of your ears and use your noggin At least she seemed nice, even if she was one dimensional.I truly wished that they had let the daughter of the Sea Witch join MeeShell on her sojourn to her new school She was the one who cast the spell and seemed ...

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    I hope that the title of this book doesn t mean that Suzanne Selfors won t be writing any EAH novels, because she s consistently done a great job making the stories distinct from the webisodes while making the characters recognizable and relateable Meeshell as the shy, literal fish out of water new girl is familiar to anyone who has had to start a new school, as is Apple s overbearing need to make her fit in While the just be yourself message is...

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    This book wasn t as good as the last one but I still really enjoyed it It was a good book, and I loved reading about Meeshell who hadn t really been in the other books I did have some problems with it though For one, the ending wasn t written very well The book was going really well then suddenly everything happened at once and it just ended The ending could have been done a lot better and been a lot interesting Also, it really bothered me that Meeshell had been mentioned in at least one previous book but in this book she was just starting school at Ever After High The series had been going in order then all of the sudden ...

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    My heart beats rapidly in an attempt to find the correct words to express my love for this book It gives us yet another point of view on the school and its people, and brings us a tale of struggling to keep a secret for reasons you can t explain And building a few lies upon it, because that s the price of keeping a secret SIII...

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    As a side story, cuter than the others in my opinion, and very different, which has been lacking Pulling in a new character and watching them adjust to not only a new school, but entirely new way of life, was pretty fun Overall still cute books, and if you like fairy tale stori...

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    It was a spelltacular book There was magic, shyness, adventure and even love and friendship This book is mixed up with so many nice emotions and a great story It tells a story of a shy girl that goes to ever after high I won t spoil it any It passes a message that even if yo...

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    Fairy tale ending is my one of my favorite School story books yet I like it because I felt feelings for Meeshell the main character I had to read a chapter to get into it, but after that I could barely put it down

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    Hm Maybe I need to stop reading these for a bit I promise I m not trying to be mean I was going to give this 2 stars ho hum, but not terrible , but I just couldn t get past a few things First off, though it was awesome for these books to feature a shy, reserved girl as the heroine for once, her reservations seemed founded on poor reasoning that felt super forced for plot reasons rather than heartfelt , and her shyness disappeared the second her friends find out just one part of her secret It just didn t connect or feel true to the character Also, the idea of keeping your true self back was addressed WAY better in the book that centered on Darling Charming And, because it was very similar, but not as well done, I kept wondering why try to re do this same idea I don t get it The romantic interest also felt pretty forced and unnecessary I liked the idea behind it, but there wasn t enough connection created during the telling to make it all that meaningful Lastly and the 1 Star clincher for me , was the total disregard for the actual story of the Little Mermaid I mean, the author kinda sorta seems to imply that her parents changed the final ending of their story, but mentions nothing about the fact that in the traditional tale, the Little Mermaid sacrifices herself to save the human she loves i.e she dies within a time c...

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