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Spark NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Leadership Isn T About A Job Title It S About Action And Behavior In SPARK, Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants And Military Veterans Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch, And Sean Lynch Show How Anyone Can Become An Extraordinary Leader By Embracing Seven Key Behaviors Many People Believe That Leaders Are The Rare Few At The Upper Echelons Of A Business Or Other Enterprise But The Truth Is Leaders Can Be Found At Any Level Of An Organization These Are The Sparks The Doers, Thinkers, Innovators, And Key Influencers Who Are Catalysts For Personal And Organizational Change Sparks Aren T Defined By The Place They Hold On An Organizational Chart They Are Defined By Their Actions, Commitment, And Will When Sparks Are Ignited, Their Actions Can Shape Their Future They Make Things Better They Re The Individuals Who Have The Courage To Challenge The Status Quo And Take Action Frederick W Smith, Chairman CEO Of FedEx Corporation, Adds The Concept Of Leadership Is Not A Difficult One To Understand It S That Straight Forward, But It S By No Means Intuitive It Must Be Learned And Practiced SPARK Will Help You Do Just ThatSPARK S Insights Were Hard Earned By Its Authors, Angie Morgan Marine Corps , Courtney Lynch Marine Corps , And Sean Lynch Air Force , Who Today Are Sought After Consultants And Keynote Speakers, Through Their Firm Lead Star, Due To The Relevant, Engaging Way They Help Individuals Reimagine Themselves As Leaders So They Can Reach Their True Potential Not Only Does SPARK Provide You With The Encouragement And Motivation To Be A Leader, It Also Offers Online Resources That Will Further Support Your Leadership Development With SPARK As A Blueprint, Anyone Can Become A Catalyst For Change, And Any Organization Can Identify And Develop Sparks.

20 year leadership expert Best selling author Inspirational keynote speaker.Shortly after launching her professional career, Angie saw a need in the workplace professionals consistently showed the capacity to be leaders, but no one was actively helping them get there.Angie founded Lead Star to help professionals understand how they can achieve greater success by implementing leadership practice

[ Reading ] ➾ Spark  Author Angie  Morgan – 9tvuk.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Spark
  • Angie Morgan
  • 14 July 2017
  • 9780544716186

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    Our society values leadership craves it, for that matter Yet we don t teach it in formal education pg 9, ebook Spark is a manual to help an individual or a business develop leadership skills The important attributes are outlined in each chapter with highlighted stories provided by the authors own life experiences The salient points of the different topics are simply and clearly listed at the end of each chapter as well as further resources.The title itself Spark refers to those who know they carry the seeds of greatness within themselves and are willing to learn how to make those seeds bloom As the authors are quick to point out, there are a lot of misconceptions about leadership.One of them is that people are born leaders and only certain people can lead They say, and I believe this too, that anyone can become anything they set their minds too This book helps provide the necessary skills to make that process simpler No one else can make or anoint you a leader The only way to become a Spark is to make yourself into one pg 24, ebookI thought it was an interesting that these skills are taught to our military personnel but are not stressed as much in the private sector The main reason the authors started their leadership business was because they noticed leadership was required in business b...

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    This book had some great insights into leadership I really liked how it was told by three different people In leadership one person s beliefs and experiences are never enough There needs to be than one person s experiences taken into account I really enjoyed how this book was set up, but I think I would have liked it had I read the print instead of listen to it It was a little hard to remember whose story was being told after putting the book away to do something Regardless, I feel like I ve gained some reassurances on the leadership skills I ve been learning I didn t really hear anything that I haven t heard before but it was nice to hear about them in different contexts ...

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    Leadership 101 Be accountable Do what you say you re going to do Work on your confidence Leaders are not born, they re made Fast read and a good reminder of what we re capable of in the workplace and in relationships.

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    I gained a lot from this book, not only is it filled with easy to follow leadership philosophies, it contains self reflection activities and exercises you can use with your team The ideas shared are quite practical and don t take an unreasonable amount of time to implement I...

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    A great read that definitely helped remind me about what s important and how to get back to doing work that makes an impact Really enjoyed the parts about the say do gap, accountability, planning for a change and credibility Each lesson has a memorable story or 2 to go along with it My favorite was the one on Coca Cola nope, not the soft drink. I learned so much about the military and found it very interesting how the authors applied their military training to their own business Definitely recommend this book for business professionals If you re in a rut, this ...

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    Well written book on how to build genuine leadership within yourself first The concepts in the book are familiar however, the concepts serve as a reminder to re evaluate oneself in his her career In addition, the authors provide a link sparkslead.us that gives everyone access to 8 printable guidelines in self evaluation One downside as I was reading the book was how portion of the book consisted of sharing of their personal experiences I enjoyed readi...

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    This book was a good refresher on leadership or for those who have potentially lost their spark in their career life The best part of it, by far, is the fact that Spark has a bunch of resources, including all you need to start a book club, videos and handouts for various activities described within the book I d...

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    Ever wonder how to make the most out of both your work personal life This book is a must read The eight chapters walk you through exactly what tools will need to help you not only become a better you but a better leader.

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    InspirationI have to say the part about values made me rethink mine Definitely a good book to help you get in track.

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    to be reviewed in Global Business and Organizational Excellence.

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