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Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde Collects Star Lord Kitty Pryde 1 3, Generation Next 1, Guardians Of The Galaxy X Men The Black Vortex Omega 1.Star Lord And Kitty Pryde Finally In Their Own Series Together Well, Sort Of Not Together Together Because This Isn T The Kitty That Peter Quill Fell In Love With This Is The Fierce, Battle Hardened And Embittered Kitty Pryde From The Age Of Apocalypse Now, The Very Confused Quill And The Really Annoyed Pryde Must Band Together And Fight To Survive The Horrors Of Battleworld But Can They Wage A Secret War While Dealing With One Another And Could There Be A Spark Growing Between These Two, As Well The Marvel Universe May Be Dead, But StarKat Lives Forever Tune In For The Most Uplifting, Confusing And Ship Friendly Romance Action Comedy Adventure Sci Fi Story Of The Entire SECRET WARS Saga Plus AoA Kitty S First Appearance And Star Lord Pops The Question

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde book, this is one of the most wanted Sam Humphries author readers around the world.

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    This was a nice little caper It was a lot of fun in a tidy package and, at three issues, didn t outstay its welcome.Also, it was nice to see Widget again Original Excalibur rocks

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    The only problem with this miniseries is that it s too damn short It s only three issues On hand, that s probably the right length for the story If they d added or stretched it out, it would have felt thin On the other three new issues in a trade I m not sure what the solution is, other than to maybe pair it with another short Secret Wars miniseries There s an attempt to pad it out with a random Black Vortex issue and a really unfortunate Age of Apocalypse issue There s nothing inherently wrong with the Black Vortex stuff That s a decent story, if you read it all together It s just pointless here Likewise for the AoA stuff, except that one is, in actual point of fact, not good I get why they included it, but nobody really needs to revisit the marginal AoA crap But judging the miniseries on its own merits, it s my favorite of the Secret Wars minis so far And maybe it s because it focuses so much on the actual characters of Peter and non 616 Kitty This couple has really grown on me They re awfully cute together I m totally charmed by the idea of Peter getting by singing Disney ballads in a ...

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    Super fun romp with a gaggle of ridiculous characters Shallow Comics Readers approved Nice art by some relative newcomers, Alti Firmansyah and Jessica Kholinne Plus someone s got a great sense of humour Drax has never looked so stylish The basic premise of the story is Kitty works for Valeria to track down anything that doesn t fit Doom s all God theory, and Peter is one of those anomalies Hijinx ensue Like running into clumsy funny robot clones of the New Mutants AND some actual Battleworld info first time I ve seen this anywhere but I m assuming this was shared among all the writers at the big Battleworld architects meet up in Hickman s basement right after he showed off his new Marvel 8 1 2 figurines I ll admit, Sam Humphries hasn t so far made an indelible impression on me Of the new crop of writers in Marvel s frequent escapades...

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    Fine short little story with a lot of filler to get a whole book.

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    What could have been an excellent read is just a good one thanks to Marvel once again short changing trade readers with a padded out collection.First, the good news Thanks to writer Sam Humphries, Star Lord and Kitty Pryde has all the charm, humour and heart that the Legendary Star Lord series had at least, before it was railroaded by The Black Vortex event Peter Quill survives the disruptive cataclysmic Secret Wars event and is now on Battleworld, a patchwork planet created by Dr Doom Mourning the loss of his love, Kitty Pryde, his head is left spinning when he meets her counterpart from Age Of Apocalypse Although this isn t the same Kitty as before, Sam Humphries still creates a great chemistry between the pair and the story is enjoyable throughout.The artwork by newcomer Alti Firmansyah and colourist Jessica Kholine is fantastic It wouldn t look out of place in Ms Marvel or Gotham Academy, but i m glad they started out with Kitty and Peter I almost wanted to rate this book five stars for Battleworld Drax s hair alone Then there s the catch This series is just three issues long.It s short, sweet and left me wanting But why couldn t we have had To bump u...

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    It s a fun story Lots of humor and character bits And the art is lots of fun too

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    I love this little BattleWord Secret Wars story Kitty from the Age of Apocalypse universe is badass as are all Kitty Prydes Watching her interact with Star Lord from Earth 616 whom is in love engaged to that Kitty Pryde 616 was fantastic I loved it.

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    I did not expect this to start with a Little Mermaid song, nor to find the artwork so similar to Disney s I smiled reading all three volumes, and sometimes you just need something cozy on a rainy day that isn t Doom and the worst of the Universe that is left.

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    Secret Wars was clearly a very well done event seeing as even the filler is worth a read There s nothing substantial here and their are certainly both better and important things to read as part of the Secret Wars event but it s a whole lot of fun and well ...

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    Star Lord and Kitty Pryde is a surprisingly charming tale set along the edges of Marvel s massive Secret Wars event.At the outset, Peter Quill is hiding out in one of the stable corners of Battleworld, working as an unlikely lounge singer An alt Drax, with a cheery attitude, natty suit and massive pompadour, works the door The Age of Apocalypse version of Kitty complete with Wolverine esque claws enters the club to meet an alterna Gambit, a shifty operator known as The Collector Kitty works for Valeria Doom s science foundation, tasked with tracking down and debunking anomalies that could disprove Doom s divinity A series of mishaps propels Peter and Kitty on a caper, where sparks and witty banter fly freely Star Lord and Kitty Pryde is at turns a riff on Casablanca and a lost episode of Moonlighting Writer Sam Humphries has done a lot of nice work recently without getting the fanfare some of his peers reap Here, he takes what could have been a throwaway placeholder story and makes it an entertaining, at times quite moving, character piece Peter is still irrepressible and goofy, but...

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