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Rain Music Di Writes About The Australia She Knows, She Loves, She S Explored Rain Music Is Inspired By Her Adventures In Far North Queensland Its Characters, Its Forgotten History, Its Modern Dilemmas.A Brother And Sister, Ned And Bella Chisholm, Are Struggling With A Family Tragedy That Has Set Them On Opposite Paths After Ned Takes Off To Pursue His Musical Dreams In Far North Queensland, He Disappears When Bella Goes In Search Of Her Brother, She Ends Up In Remote Cooktown And Both Their Lives Are Dramatically Changed In The Isolated, Little Known Far North Of Australia.One Story Through Two Sets Of Eyes.

Di Morrissey born 18 March 1943 in Wingham, New South Wales is one of Australia s most popular female novelists She grew up in the remote surrounds of Pittwater, north of Sydney, Australia.Growing up she counted famous Australian actor Chips Rafferty as a close mentor and friend who helped provide for her and her mother after the death of her father as a child, sending them overseas to Californ

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    Again, I ve chosen a dodgy audio cd to listen to This novel was lacking storyline, interesting characters, any type of excitement and any type of reason to want to keep on reading I did not enjoy it This prolific author seems to write in an older generational tone, i.e She writes not in the voice of youngsters Marvellous for instance, amongst so many others, the dialogue just doesn t ring true I m not sure how she gets away with it, I don t know how everyone isn t noticing these things The dialogue was stilted and unappealing One portion of the storyline were some old letters being found, and these letters did not at all fit into the groove of the storyline In fact, some of the sub plots just were not at all interesting, it was like it just didn t fit together I was not interested in the characters, they were boring and I was not invested in their lives whatsoever This was mundane, boring and predictable I...

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    Di Morrissey writes wonderful stories Set in Australia s North Queensland Rain Music is a terrific story with great characters and an incredible location which is beautifully portrayed Such an enjoyable novel couldn t put it down

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    I picked this book up because I kept coming across it in bookstores, and the reason why is it s written by an Australian author, about Australian history From the beginning I got this feeling the writing style feels like high school creative writing Everything feels too structured, too following the rules I really like authors that break the rules of writing and what not, and write freely But this book felt like it was going to be graded by an english teacher for the way the sentences are phrased So, because of that, I couldn t get into the story I couldn t take it too seriously, the characters are in their mid 30s but felt immature to me, like they re teenagers The other main problem is the predictability Very predictable Of course, it s not a psychological mystery but still The fact that it was so predictable made it feel like a young adult Sometimes I felt like I wasn t reading fiction, because the things that were being written about were so mundane and well, unnecessary The good thing about this book is the historical aspect It was obviously much interesting to read about Queensland back when the British settled in Australia than to read about what the siblings are going to do after lunch Whether it s going to the library or the museum or argue Overall, I do not recommend, especially to young adults, as there are many books out there that will amaze you with their imaginative worlds and characters I think only people who have had similar experiences to...

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    I m a huge fan of Di Morrissey s work, her wonderful stories and the unique places they are set in are always intriguing and engrossing I have a real love for any books set in and around Australia but Far North Queensland tops my list of places to read about whether it s fiction or non fiction Rain Music is one of those books I knew I would love the moment I read the blurb as the gorgeous locations for this story is set in Cairns, Daintree and Cooktown Anyone who knows me knows that this tropical paradise is my happy holiday place, I can t help but have a constant smile pasted on my face when visiting these regions.Rain Music is a book filled with beautiful and vivid descriptions of tropical Nth Qld, the author also does an amazing job of creating relatable characters The pacing in the beginning is a little slow but half way through it picks up speed on account of a bit of suspe...

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    This is my second Di Morrissey and I ve really enjoyed both books I ve never been to Far North Queensland, but almost feel as though I have, after reading this The descriptions were vivid, the story was great and I m keen to continue my reading journey with this author 4.5

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    Rain Music by Di Morrissey is an adventure and brilliant read from start to finish Rain Music is set in Far North Queensland mostly around Cooktown It s a real Australian read One story through two sets of eyes Poinciana trees as found in Queensland with mus...

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    Quite enjoyed this book Nice easy reading definitely recommend for a wet Sunday afternoon

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    This author comes up with some really good ideas, set in Australia and with interesting backgrounds However, the writing is at times cringe worthy and the actions of the main characters, too contrived I d like to edit her books before they go to print, mark out sentences and words and say find an...

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    I liked this book and didn t like it I would give it 2.5 stars did not like the characters and there some lame reasons for why things happened but there were parts of the book I really enjoyed This is my ...

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    Really did not enjoy this, I persisted in reading to the end, but kind of wish I didn t bother.Real shame, I usually enjoy this author s books.Characters aren t nice, Bella I found to be a selfish little cow, Ned to be a waste of space, the way he acted with the news of the baby was terrible.I think that Bella s boyfriend that she strung along for so long should be with the girl that Ned was with forget if name was Toni or Tori and I only finished reading the book a few hours ago.You get to the end of the book and there is no ending, no nice little endings to the various little stories intermingled with the big story.One of the biggest turn offs for me was the self righteous preachy tone of the writing, hsven t found thst in her books before, but there was lots of White Policy in this one, sorry but I read a novel as escapism not to be preached to or to be made to feel guilty forbthings that had happened in the early years of this country.Yes overall extremely disappointed in this ...

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