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London FieldsEl A O, Un Fantasmag Rico 1999 Podr A Ser El Ltimo Oto O Del Planeta Un Calor Anormal Reseca La Tierra, Azotada Por Tormentas De Polvo Y Cuando Por Fin Llega La Lluvia, No Cesa Hasta Parecer Un Diluvio Eterno El Clima Pol Tico No Es Menos Ca Tico Y Una Crisis Internacional Se Acerca A Su Punto De Fisi N Este Panorama Apocal Ptico Constituye El M S Que Adecuado Tel N De Fondo Para La Terrible Y Divertida Novela De Uno De Los M S Talentosos Escritores Brit Nicos De Nuestros D As Campos De Londres Se Inicia Con Una Perfecta Inversi N Del T Pico Entre Los Detritos De Portobello, La V Ctima Comienza A Acechar A Su Victimario , La Asesinada Dar Caza Al Asesino Vestida De Negro, Como Corresponde A Toda Mujer Fatal, La Bella Nicola Six Encuentra A Su Asesino En El Pub Local, El Black Cross, Refugio De Vividores, Peque Os Delincuentes Y Aficionados A Los Dardos Nicola Decide Que La Matar Keith, Un Estafador De Poca Monta, Estafado L Mismo Por La Vida, Alimentado De Pornograf A Y Televisi N, Hijo De La Inglaterra Thatcheriana, Cruel Y Vulgar Perfecto Para El Papel Asignado Pero La Escena Del Crimen No Puede Constituirse Con S Lo Dos V Rtices, Y Nicola Atraer A Un Tercero, Guy, El Inocente Arist Crata Fascinado Por Los Bajos Fondos, El Ngel Ca Do Que Pondr En Movimiento Al Terrible Keith Los Tres Se Deslizar N En Un Minuet Esperp Ntico, En Una Danza De Cortejos Y Decepciones Que Enmascaran Apenas Un S Rdido Fondo De Perversi N Y Violencia Y Quien Lo Contar Todo Es Un Narrador Seducido Y Atrapado Por La Escena, Samson Young, Un Joven Escritor Americano Mortalmente Enfermo Y, Quiz , Mortalmente Est Ril

Kingsley Amis his father complained of as a terrible compulsive vividness in his style that constant demonstrating of his command of English and it s true that the Amis ness of Amis will be recognisable in any piece before he reaches his first full stop Amis s raw material is what he sees as the absurdity of the postmodern condition with its grotesque caricatures He has thus sometimes been portrayed as the undisputed master of what the New York Times has called the new unpleasantness.

[Download] ➹ London Fields ➾ Martin Amis – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 576 pages
  • London Fields
  • Martin Amis
  • Spanish
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9788433911384

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    Samson Young, first person narrator of this Martin Amis novel, is a somewhat jaded, frequently sarcastic and acerbic 40 something intellectual literary writer from, not surprisingly, New York City But his hard edged Big Apple voice is absolutely pitch perfect for the story he is telling, a story involving a host of memorable and very human characters, not to mention a couple of super human characters an Incredible Hulk like toddler and one doozy of a MAN MAGNET, and, yes, indeed, that s spelled with all capital letters Meet the lady at the center of the novel s vortex, Ms Nicola Six modern day Helen of Troy, X rated femme fatale and manifestation of goddess Kali all rolled up into one everything you always wanted and everything you never wanted, your most cherished dream and your most dreaded nightmare, complete with Eastern European accent, mysterious Middle Eastern origins, Ms World face and figure, shiny dark hair and even shinier dark eyes Oh, my goodness, what a gal London Fields is a loose, baggy monster if you are looking for a tight knit murder mystery but if you enjoy your novels with many characters finely portrayed in gritty, grimy detail along with generous portions of philosophical musing thrown in along the way, then you will enjoy taking your time with its 470 pages Now, on one level, the men and women are ...

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    What a fun fucking book I blew off everything today and, well, most of the week just to read this book, because it was that fucking fun God, I loved this book I just read it nonstop, and when the recurring irritation that is my life did tear me away, I kept thinking about what I d read, and just ached to go back to read it some I went at this book hard, folks, and now that I m finished, I feel like I barely can walk across the room Maybe this qualifies as Too Much Information, but I think reading London Fields might have given me a urinary tract infection.Okay, so I ve never read anything by Martin Amis, probably for the same reasons most of us haven t yeah, remember that guy you knew who liked Martin Amis so much Yeah Ughhhh yeah, he was disgusting, really repulsive, I know That arrogant prick I know, I know Well, Martin Amis is that guy, you definitely can tell by his author photo Last night I was out with friends and trying to convince them to give this book a shot They both did sound interested, despite misgivings I always associate him with this guy I knew ...

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    Ha I did it I finished London Fields, after a week or so on a roller coaster, up and down, loving it, hating it, being annoyed, bored, laughing out loud, bored again In the end, I actually caught myself crying as well, which was the last thing I expected, having worked up a genuine distaste for the book somewhere in the middle.I don t think I have ever read a book that I could easily give either one star or five stars, and feel perfectly justified to do so I rarely change my mind so completely several times over the course of 500 pages either.How to sum it up No clue The author as opposed to the narrator knows how stories are made, and he can write them He can create interesting, funny, sad, dangerous characters, and make the reader laugh out loud at the humour of his descriptions Yes He can do that But he can also spin a web of betrayal and deception, telling the story from different angles, over and over again, driving the same reader that just laughed out loud to the brink of insanity.So, it is a story of a murder Actually, since we know all the protagonists from the start, and know that the murder will occur in the last act, I would say rather than a crime novel, it is a wordy, rambling Greek tragedy As everyone knows the plot, the outcome and the story, the charm if there is such a thing lies in the psychological development of the characters The murderee takes on the role of guiding us through the different acts, an...

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    A mumbo jumbo of words trying desperately to congeal into a plot And failing at it, miserably A case of when the book is way worse than the bad film I have a feeling that some promiscuos dictionary had a love affair with the Holy Bible and a bunch of pop sci lit and quite a bit of erotica and this is their collective offspring It should come with a warning Careful Words hijacked this book The style is ridiculous Pompous and sleep inducing An example of what I mean by this there is a piece where in the space of just one page the author discusses femininity briefly, then switches the topic to black holes, then to a bunch of escape velocities, and right after that progresses to a discourse on sodomy and masturbation and just how sodomy pains and solaces Nicola I sort of liked that one, actually, even though it s basically disjointed ramblings Black holes and sodomy, I get it, of course, I just don t think all this teenage wanking deserves being in a book I m reading and all the gross overthinking This whole novel is like that, labirintine, and the result is striking, all right, but not in the best way.All the objectification of the female, it s all pretty much just literary pin up Mentally, I m going to refer to this one as the dirty toilet bowl novel , due to a half ...

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    Back before Goodreads and the interwebz, most discussions of pop culture, for me, usually took place in bars After work Late Half sober Some sample conversational starters topics What was Marlon Brando s best performance Does it involve butter Why does Pon Farr take seven years Does this mean the Vulcan s don t have porn Who was the greatest left handed pitcher of the seventies What do you mean there s another version of Blade Runner How drunk is Tom Waits drunk Why can t we meet women This one, was of course, rhetorical.It was a group of guys, usually about six or seven of us oddly, there were two brothers, about a year apart one had a Brooklyn accent, one had a British accent I don t remember the whole Dickensian saga about why this was so, it was just, well, odd.We were talking about Kingsley Amis and Lucky Jim, probably because it was funny and involved drinking and bad behavior, when the Brit brother mentioned that Kingsley had a son, Martin, who wrote a book called, Dead Babies and that it was terrific.It was pretty good And so was his book, Money Fast forward about a million years later and now, this one.Amis is an uber writer, who crams wit and ideas into a single paragraph than a lot of writers can churn out in a lifetime Although some critics have tried to tag this as sci fi end of the world, they d be missing the...

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    Many thanks to this review for providing the inspiration Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh Gosh I haven t read a book this good in really, really long time.And we re not talking about oh I can t wait to get home so I can read this good.We re talking about walking upstairs in my robot suit good COMMAND MUST READ BOOK Out of every book I ve read this month shit, maybe even the YEAR this book comes along and showed me that Amis still thinks all human beings are maggots burrowing in a rotten piece of meat Normally I would be gagging while thinking about these characters But they are living in such a dense and beautifully crafted novel, one so rich in detail and incident, overstuffed with gorgeous and intense prose, so full of evil wit and fascinating experiments with language and form and perspective I just had to sit back and realize that I was lo...

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    THE BRITISH CLASS SYSTEMAt the top there is the Monarchy and the aristocracy They re all still there, no one has gone away The 14th Duke of Banffshire and all the scurvy crew The only good news is they re not allowed to hunt foxes any Yay one and a half cheers for democracy So that s the Upper Class.Next step down is the complicated Middle Class which is divided into three Upper middle these are your professions, of course Judges, lawyers, bankers, etc There was a radio interview I heard recently, with a Member of Parliament He was talking anonymously about the need to increase MPs pay The trouble is, you can t talk about MPs pay in public because the public hate us, and think we are paid a lot But really, he said, you don t want Members of Parliament who think that 65,000 104,000 is a lot of money Well, of course you don t So that s me out The upper middle class are toffs and go to public private schools They re all in the Tory party except a few who thought they d take over the Labour Party too The middle middle class is people with careers The women in the middle middle go crazy trying to have it all without the nannies that the upper middle get automatically The lower middle are teachers and librarians and policemen and other lowly types who ...

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    London Fields is a book with a plot so pointless it made me angry, and a cast of blatant stereotypes It s distinguished by some flourishes of wonderful writing, and the presence of one character who is one of my favourite creations of modern British fiction.Initially, there is plenty to like The narrator a failed American writer on a house swap in London has an engaging line in self doubt, a brooding sense of millennial disaster, and a neat turn of phrase The traffic clogged, grimy streets of London, its monotonous weather and its sweaty pubs, are perfectly evoked and give the whole novel a very effective tone of edginess, latent violence, and even what comes to feel like looming apocalypse The plot focuses on a girl with the delightful name of Nicola Six, who, thanks to a kind of second sight, knows that she will be murdered on the night of her thirty fifth birthday she also knows who will do it, and, in many ways, she positively wants it to happen.The narrator has been asked by Nicola to tell her story and he throws himself into it with gusto, developing close relationships with her and with the putative murderer, Keith Talent, and the foil, Guy Clinch Keith, a petty criminal and amateur ...

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    This is the story of a murder It hasn t happened yet But it will It had better I know the murderer, I know the murderee I know the time, I know the place I know the motive her motive and I know the means I know who will be the foil, the fool, the poor foal, also utterly destroyed I couldn t stop them, I don t think, even if I wanted to The girl will die It s what she always wanted You can t stop people, once they start You can t stop people, once they start creating.What a gift This page is briefly stained by my tears of gratitude Novelists don t usually have it so good, do they, when something real happens something unified, dramatic, and pretty saleable , and they just write it down Samson Young is an American novelist whose career has failed because he doesn t have the imagination to make anything up After coming to London as part of an apartment swap with a far successful writer, Sam witnesses Nicola Smith throwing away her diaries and recovers them What he finds is the story of a woman who has the ability to foresee the future and has become a professional man eater in order to willingly follow the path that will lead to her murder In order to bring about her demise Nicola begins playing mind games with a mild mannered upper class gent Guy Clinch, and Keith Talent, a thuggish petty criminal with dreams of being a professional dart player Sam sees an opportunity to write the book he always dreamed of by documenting the events leading up to Nicola s death, and ...

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    First published in 1989, London Fields is now often considered to be Martin Amis s magnum opus The New York Times described it as a virtuoso depiction of a wild and lustful society and a large book of comic and satirical invention , which succeeds as a picaresque novel rich in its effects The Guardian was a little less positive, and called the book a cheat A con trick , writing that from start to finish, all 470 pages of it, it s an elaborate tease But the paper couldn t brush it off completely, and after accounting for all the perceived flaws and failures concluded that it was nonetheless a powerful book Two different papers on two different continents had two different reactions, but somehow arrived at similar conclusions that the book was something and made an impact on those who read it Amis always seemed to get crap in his home country this particular book was infamously omitted from the Booker Prize shortlist two female judges objected to his treatment of female characters Amis has still to win a Booker but probably never will But what exactly is this something London Fields, as described by The Guardian, is a con trick It s an elaborate set up by the characters against other characters, and by the author against the reader The plot is kind of flimsy at best a...

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