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The Miraculous Day of Amalia GomezIn The Miraculous Day Of Amalia Gomez, Amalia Gomez Thinks She Sees A Large Silver Cross In The Sky A Miraculous Sign, Perhaps, But One The Down To Earth Amalia Does Not Trust Through Amalia, We Take A Vivid And Moving Tour Of The Other Hollywood, Populated By Working Class Mexican Americans, As John Rechy Blends Tough Realism With Religious And Cultural Fables To Take Us Into The Life Of A Chicano Family In LA Epic In Scope And Vision, The Miraculous Day Of Amalia Gomez Is Classic Rechy

John Rechy is an American author, the child of a Scottish father and a Mexican American mother In his novels he has written extensively about homosexual culture in Los Angeles and wider America, and is among the pioneers of modern LGBT literature Drawing on his own background, he has also contributed to Chicano literature, especially with his novel The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez, which is

[Epub] ➟ The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez ➤ John Rechy – 9tvuk.us
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez
  • John Rechy
  • English
  • 13 July 2019
  • 9780802138477

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    I gave this book a shot because I liked City of Night so much This story has many of the same qualities in that the author seems to imbue mundane occurrences with mystical religious significance Although the action takes place over a single day, flashbacks tell the story of Amalia s journey from El Paso, Texas to a bungalow on the seedy outskirts of Hollywood Boulevard, which is slowly succumbing to urban blight.Although I am not familiar with the world of Mexican American, Los Angeles what little I know comes from doing PR work for El Vez the Mexican Elvis , the portrait of the other LA of the late 1980s, seems like it is pretty accurate Although Amalia is downtrodden, there are others who have it much worse than she does.As a result of her miraculous day, Amalia is able to see her problems clearly and formulate a plan However, the ending is ambiguous and it is not clear at all that her life will get better.

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    John Rechy s Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez reminded me of the movie Falling Down One person s pretty bad day intersecting with other people s bad days in the grittier sections of Los Angeles Only instead of an unemployed and disgruntled Michael Douglas character, Rechy gives us an unrealistically optimistic, uber Catholic, Mexican American woman whose life experiences really should have dragged her down by this point However, she wakes up one day and thinks she has seen a miracle, a silver cross in the sky The rest of the day is spent trying to understand what she has seen while revealing horrific backstories of rape, abortion, murder, infidelity, bad parenting, etc Since Amalia lives in a poor immigrant section of Hollywood, plenty of criminal and sinful activities take place around her that day as well The ending is a bit abrupt and not expected.If Bunuel was still around he might be able to make a pretty good film from this material.

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    Amalia Gomez is a Hispanic single mother trying to come to terms with her past and present She is a complex character who at times you feel sorry for Other times, you she is frustratingly single tracked She tries to come to terms with her past while ignoring her present and at the expense of her kids Rechy creates a tapestry His use of diction to portray a disenfranchised single mother in Los Angeles is chilling and spot on I am not Amalia Gomez, but I have encountered a lot of Amalias in real life.

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    This is a shattering novel, following a day in the life of Amalia Gomez It includes flashbacks to earlier times in her life, but overall explores the miraculous, the mundane, and the inner workings of a mind of a woman trying to make sense of life, place, and faith when confronted with the realities of her and her family s life.

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    Actual rating 2.5Amalia was a very irritating character to me I felt like she always made herself the victim when clearly a lot of the things are her fault Yes, some things were out of her control, such as being abused by her dad, emotionally abused by her mother, and physically emotionally abused by Salvador And a few partners well all except Raynaldo hurt her But besides all that Everything else she had a way of avoiding the outcomes She could have taken things in controlled but then not Instead she was busy loving the idea of living right by Hollywood and how a Mexican American woman like her is somewhat lucky to have made it there The one major thing that bothered me was the fact she called herself a devout Catholic, she committed MANY sins She would live, and sleep with, men that she was not married to Normally I would not be bothered by this, but she would always say how she is living in sin by living with a man she is not married to But apparently it is okay because God knows her reasons She cheated on Raynaldo Because she never got to feel sex that way, she saw that it was sort of okay She obviously knew what she was doing was wrong, yet she went ahead and still let Angel see and touch her.She lied ALL THE TIME But again, God says it is okay She did not really pay attention to her kids I feel like she just let them grow up on their own She never really got to know who they are and what was going on in their lives Like how Juan is a gay prostitute, and Gloria was touched inappropriately by Raynaldo Maybe if she had taken the time of day to talk to her children and ask how they are, what is new in their life, what have they been up to, then maybe she would have known what is going on and have a much better and HONEST relationship with Juan and Gloria Manny as well Maybe if she had looked after him well, he would not have joined a gang and gotten arrested He would not have committed suicide and cause his family so much pain I also find it ironic how Amalia yells at Juan telling him he is living in sin by being gay, yet she is living and having sex with a man that is not her husband When he kids tell her exactly all of everything that I had stated, she feels like she is being attacked and that they are lying to her and just trying to make her feel bad She refuses to see things clearly until the end.And the ending What the heck was that Did not give me much It felt very sudden Like as if Rechy just wanted to get things over with and end it quickly.Besides the confusion on events, and some parts being a tad bit too boring, it did have some interesting parts Rechy should have just organized it a bit better It was sometimes hard to grasp if whether Amalia was in the past or in the present.

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    I very highly recommend this book This is my first experience with Rechy s writing but it will certainly not be my last What a talented writer The book is very short but extremely powerful And he describes Los Angeles so perfectly not the LA that most people know, but the neighborhoods If you ve ever been in East LA or the other side of Hollywood, you will recognize it immediately I did some teaching work in East LA for a while at a school of predominantly Latino children, and his descriptions of the houses, the people and the atmosphere were right on the money In the middle of the book Amalia G mez is watching a semanal and identifying bits and pieces of the conflict being televised with events people in her own life At the end of the show, one of the characters notes O Dios, O Madre Sagrada Is there no way out of of this nightmare, O God, O Sacred Mother None except She gazes at heaven Only a miracle can save us now Give me a sign that you understand 104 And that is precisely what Amalia Gomez thinks she sees one Saturday morning, looking up into the sky She thinks there is a silver cross in the sky, a sign sent by God, by way of the Blessed Mother 105 And poor Amalia could use a miracle just now Her eldest son, Manny, died while in jail under some mysterious circumstances, her younger son Juan has been acting weird and her daughter is much too young to be dressing and acting so maturely There are a lot of pressures facing the family as they are living in the neighborhood and the pressures of being Mexican American She has to face the present while remembering her own past, and on this day, everything seems to be coming down on her all at once The book is very well written and pulls at your heartstrings Don t miss the introduction it will offer some good insight into Amalia s character I very highly recommend this one.

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    Amalia is a devout Roman Catholic but doesn t seem to like anyone, including herself, very much at all She thinks she is superior for some reason because she is a Mexican American, as opposed to a Mexican or Central American immigrant, sort of the type who would feel very threatened and invaded when and if a non Hispanic were to speak to her in Spanish Yet, she is to be pitied, indeed She is stuck in the cycle of poverty, with cruddy men, a son who committed suicide in a jail, another who is a homosexual prostitute, and a daughter who dates a bizarre Mexican biker whose accentation is similar to that of a Valley Anglo, whom she considers a disgrace to her race She makes a career out of making bad decisions and either doesn t realize that there are self help training centers galore in East L.A., or simply no longer has either the energy and or the patience to initiate such self help A sad tale indeed, but a perfect description of Mexican American fatalism stoicism Yet, after a trip to really impoverished nation such as Haiti or the Honduras, it becomes quite difficult to feel any compassion for this woman and her family with all of the seemingly endless opportunities available to her and her family if they d simply just start moving their muscles in the right direction for a few times whilst ignoring the self pity that society has conditioned them to feel

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    A criminally underrated, underrecognized novel I felt as if I were Amalia Gomez Rechy enables us to identify with her She represents those who lose, or are lost, in the postmodern, late capitalist environment It s a devastating novel.

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    The literary version of a pinata.

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    It s been a long time since I ve read anything by Rechy and this gives me a new appreciation for his work.

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